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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We not only believe in pursuing leadership in business ventures but also promote progress of people through common welfare. Our pro-active approach and employee centric policies have witnessed nearly zero percent employee attrition rates. Being a future driven company we also make sure that we work towards community development and environmental protection for creating a greener and better world.

We constantly work towards welfare of the farmers and the community they live in through our community initiatives. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy makes sure that there is no discrimination, no child labor and complete freedom of association exists in full force.

We don’t throw garbage and wastes in the open atmosphere, we try to minimize that by burning them or disposing them. We don’t throw our wastes in sea as it also affects the atmosphere of marine life. We sell used P P bags at low price which are recyclable. Recently, we have designed and acquired a sample of rice bag in Non-Woven Fabric , which is re-usable as carry bag for other purposes/uses. It will be same as a new bag. There are also different ideas in our mind which are eco-friendly and pursue the policy of CSR. This was a simple illustration of that.

We have also tried to establish relationships with bodies which take care of poor and hungry human beings especially in the LDC countries . Our registration with WFP ( World Food Programme of United Nations ) is the example of that. We have always tried to provide maximum benefit to our human resource as well as the environment.